Warranty Obligations

1. Warranty Obligations

1.1 This card guarantees free removal of the malfunctions because of manfucturer’s fault during 

the period of warranty.

1.2 To carry out guaranteed repairs, warranty card and properly filling of it (information about 

device, date of sale, name and surname of customer, name and seal of customer, document 

confirming date and amount of sale (box office checks or invoice)) is required. Otherwise, 

the device is considered unguaranteed and guaranteed repairs is given up.

1.3 While carrying out guaranteed repairs, Warranty period of device is extended until the 

period of being in repair. The time is calculated from the date consumer put forward demand 

to eliminate defects.

1.4 In order to carry out inspection or repair the device, the period of technical service can be up 

to 14 days without counting consumer's application date. 

2. Warranty Obligations don’t apply to  followings.

2.1 Various information carriers (memory card, sim card) and program Written on them, as Well 

as, passWord/ putting, changing and cancellation of paroles.

2.2  Apperad defects as a result of the loading and use of unsuitable content  (music, graphic, 

video and other files, additions etc.)

2.3 Preserving the information on the memory of the mobile device or  transfer  to external 


2.3.1 Technical service is not responsible for damages and losses appeared as a result of losing,  

deterioration and changing of information on its memory during the period of repair and 


Note:  Limited warranty term noted on  Paragraph 2.3.1  does not affect  rights established in 

national legislation on the sale of consumer goods.

2.4. Warranty Obligation does not apply to  following element and cases.

2.4.1 Energy filler devices (adaptor) connecting cables (USB), headphones (suite)

2.4.2. Parts of the device exposed to natural damage (corps)

2.4.3 Appeared failures as a result of the entry of insects and other objects into the device .

2.4.4. Appeared failures as a result of the using untidy  and Violation of rules of use.

2.4.5. Telecommunications and cable networks that are not suitable for state standards.

2.4.6. Appeared failures in the communication network as a result of  insufficient volume of the 

network or  power of radio-signal.

2.4.7. Appeared failures as a result of using accessories not recommended by the manufacturer.

3. The cases of the cancellation of the guarantee

3.1. When the device has mechanical injuries;

3.2. When the liquid enters the device;

3.3. In case of damaging of device as a result of changing electric power or giving high energy .

3.4. Appeared failures as a result of  heating tools, devices,  negative and high temperatures of 

direct sun shines, high humidity and pollination.

3.5. when interfere with the device, carrying out repair work or software is written by 

unauthorized persons. 

4. Our requests and recommendations 

4.1. Check the  capacity on full functionality (display, camera, bluetooth, wifi, sound etc.)  while 

buying the device

4.2. It is requested to demand checking the capacity on full functionality (display, camera, 

bluetooth, wifi, sound etc.), filling warranty card correctly and fully, verbal expanation of 

warranty terms  and to sign  separated part for confirming consent of warranty terms  after 

mentioned conditions.

Note 2: Each of terms noted on Paragraph 4.2 is duty of seller and must be executed at the time 

of sale. Otherwise, Technical service is not responsible for discontents as a result of not complete 

and full awareness of the customer.